This section concerns people who have left the employment of Thales UK but still own shares in Thales as a result of share schemes held in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2011.

Once a person has left Thales UK's employment, Thales UK may lose track of him or her. If that person is in receipt of a Thales UK pension or a deferred pension, the pension fund should still be in touch. Computershare (which handles the shares for UK employees) will only maintain contact if they are given the right contact details. The right Change of Circumstance form can be downloaded from this website.

If Computershare or Thales UK Corporate can not answer your question to your satisfaction, TUES is happy to try to help ex-employees. Please get in touch with either the ex-employee representative, me, Robert Scallon ( formerstaff@tues.org.uk ) or any other committee member (eg. the one responsible for the division where you used to work). This website - www.tues.org.uk - is a useful source of information. If an ex-employee shareholder dies, a relative or representative of the deceased should get in touch with us in the same way.

Robert Scallon

Tel: 02087 412970